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Why Red Wyoming Seeks The Regulatory Approach To Air Ambulance Costs

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Markian Hawryluk Wyoming, the reddest of Republican states and a bastion of free enterprise, thinks it may have found a way to end crippling air ambulance bills that can top $100,000 per flight. The state‚Äôs unexpected solution? Undercut the free market by using Medicaid to treat air ambulances like a public utility. The issue has ….  Read More

Trump Administration Hits Brakes On Law To Curb Unneeded Medicare CT Scans, MRIs

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Five years after Congress passed a law to reduce unnecessary MRIs, CT scans and other expensive diagnostic imaging tests that could harm patients and waste money, federal officials have yet to implement it. The law requires that doctors consult clinical guidelines set by the medical industry before Medicare will pay for many common exams for ….  Read More