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Hospital Group Mum As Members Pursue Patients With Lawsuits And Debt Collectors

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The American Hospital Association, the biggest hospital trade group, says it promotes “best practices” among medical systems to treat patients more effectively and improve community health. But the powerful association has stayed largely silent about hospitals suing thousands of patients for overdue bills, seizing homes or wages and even forcing families into bankruptcy. Atlantic Health ….  Read More

UVA Doctors Decry Aggressive Billing Practices By Their Own Hospital

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Prominent doctors at UVA Health System are expressing public outrage at their employer’s practices to collect unpaid medical debt from its patients. A Kaiser Health News report in September that showed UVA sued 36,000 patients over six years for more than $100 million, seizing wages and savings and even pushing families into bankruptcy. Like many ….  Read More

KHN’s ‘What The Health?’: Elections Matter

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Can’t see the audio player? Click here to listen on SoundCloud. Big Democratic wins in the 2019 off-year elections could spell big changes for Medicaid and other health policies in Virginia and Kentucky. Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s new “Medicare For All” plan is getting hammered from all parts of the political ….  Read More

As UVA Scales Back Lawsuits, Pain For Past Patients Persists

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Kitt Klein and Mike Miller lost thousands of dollars in hard-won savings more than a decade ago after UVA Health put a lien on their home for a hospital bill they couldn’t pay. They can’t believe they’re at risk of losing a second home today. “Can they do this twice?” said Klein, who lives with ….  Read More

Sen. Grassley Questions UVA Health On Findings From KHN Investigation

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Elizabeth Lucas, Kaiser Health News In response to a Kaiser Health News investigation into the University of Virginia Health System’s aggressive collection practices, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a letter Thursday demanding answers to questions about UVA’s billing practices, financial assistance policies and even its prices. The Finance Committee oversees federal tax ….  Read More

VCU Health Will Halt Patient Lawsuits, Boost Aid In Wake Of KHN Investigation

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VCU Health, the major Richmond medical system that includes the state’s largest teaching hospital, said it will no longer file lawsuits against its patients, ending a practice that has affected tens of thousands of people over the years. VCU’s in-house physician group filed more than 56,000 lawsuits against patients for $81 million over the seven ….  Read More

UVA Will Cut Back On Lawsuits Against Patients In Wake Of KHN Investigation

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Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News and Elizabeth Lucas, Kaiser Health News UVA Health System, which sues thousands of patients each year, seizing wages and home equity to collect on overdue medical bills, said Friday it would increase financial assistance, give bigger discounts to the uninsured and “reduce our reliance on the legal system.” “This will ….  Read More

UVA Suspends Medical Lawsuits In Wake Of KHN Investigation

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Under pressure after Kaiser Health News reported Monday that it sues thousands of patients a year and sends many into bankruptcy, University of Virginia Health System suspended about a dozen patient lawsuits Thursday and said it will announce changes to its billing and collections policy Friday. At a weekly session at the ….  Read More

Virginia Governor And UVA Vow To Revamp Practice Of Suing Patients As CEO Exits

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Gov. Ralph Northam and the president of the University of Virginia committed to changing UVA Health System’s collections practices a day after Kaiser Health News detailed its aggressive and widespread pursuit of former patients for unpaid medical bills. At the same time, the health system announced the departure of CEO Pamela Sutton-Wallace, who will leave ….  Read More

‘UVA Has Ruined Us’: Health System Sues Thousands Of Patients, Seizing Paychecks And Claiming Homes

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Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News and Elizabeth Lucas, Kaiser Health News Heather Waldron and John Hawley are losing their four-bedroom house in the hills above Blacksburg, Va. A teenage daughter, one of their five children, sold her clothes for spending money. They worried about paying the electric bill. Financial disaster, they say, contributed to their ….  Read More