Supreme Court Seems Sympathetic To Insurers In Obamacare Case

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Phil Galewitz, Kaiser Health News No clear split between conservative and liberal Supreme Court justices emerged Tuesday as justices heard arguments over whether the federal government could renege on Congress’ promise to pay health insurance companies billions to motivate them to participate in the Obamacare marketplaces. Health insurers hope to recoup $12 billion they believe ….  Read More

Obamacare Back At The High Court — With Billions For Insurers On The Line

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More than $12 billion is at stake for the nation’s health insurers Tuesday when the Supreme Court hears another Affordable Care Act case. For the federal government, the potential damages could be far greater, as its reputation as a reliable partner to private businesses is on the line. Unlike earlier Obamacare cases before the high ….  Read More

‘Warm’ Hotlines Deliver Help Before Mental Health Crisis Heats Up

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A lonely and anxious Rebecca Massie first called the Mental Health Association of San Francisco “warmline” during the 2015 winter holidays. “It was a wonderful call,” said Massie, now 38 and a mental health advocate. “I was laughing by the end, and I got in the holiday spirit.” Massie, a San Francisco resident, later used ….  Read More

Analysis: Choosing A Plan From The Impossible Health Care Maze

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In this highly partisan political moment, there’s one issue that nearly every American can agree on: Our health care system is a mess and in need of dramatic overhaul. That’s not just because it is absurdly expensive compared with the systems of other developed countries. It’s also because it is so dauntingly complex. That complexity, ….  Read More

Black Mothers Get Less Treatment For Postpartum Depression Than Other Moms

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Portia Smith’s most vivid memories of her daughter’s first year are of tears. Not the baby’s. Her own. “I would just hold her and cry all day,” Smith said. At 18, Smith was caring for two children, 4-year-old Kelaiah and newborn Nelly, with little help from the partner in her abusive relationship. The circumstances were ….  Read More

Pharma’s Take On The Pelosi Drug-Pricing Bill: Fair Warning Or Fearmongering?

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Shefali Luthra, Kaiser Health News House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s flagship proposal to curb prescription drug prices, the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act” ― H.R. 3 ― could come up for a vote in the chamber this month. The measure would allow Medicare to negotiate prices for a limited number of drugs, cap what seniors pay ….  Read More

An Atlanta Nonprofit Brings Medical Care And Connection To The Homeless

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Herman Ware got his seasonal flu shot while sitting at a small, wobbly table inside a mobile health clinic. The clinic-on-wheels is a large converted van, and on this day it was parked on a trash-strewn, dead-end street in downtown Atlanta where homeless residents congregate. The van and Ware’s flu shot are part of a ….  Read More

Anthem Blue Cross Gets Flagged And Fined More Than Other Insurers

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One of California’s largest health insurance plans has distinguished itself, and not in a good way. The state Department of Managed Health Care hit Anthem Blue Cross with $9.6 million in fines from January 2014 through early November 2019, according to a California Healthline analysis of agency data. That is about 44% of the $21.7 ….  Read More

Medical Device Failures Brought To Light Now Bolster Lawsuits And Research

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Lorraine Bonner, a retired Oakland, Calif., doctor who is now a sculptor, says she spent a year recovering after surgical staples were used to seal her colon. (Heidi de Marco/KHN) Lorraine Bonner felt as though she was the only one. The surgical staples used to seal her colon after surgery had leaked, she has alleged ….  Read More